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As I am Leave-in conditioner | Product Review

Like any curly product junkie, i have a huge list of brands which i want to try out. As i am naturally, is one of them. 

I see them mentioned so much on instagram, so i am familiar with the product range, but i have never brought anything from them. Once in an order from my fave hair site, i received a sample of the coconut co-wash that they do, and i knew that i had to try more from them. 

As i had no leave in left, i chose this as the first product i would try fully from the range. 

This stuff smells amazing guys. The bottle says that it has extracts of; coconut, Amla, Sugar beetroot, Green tea, lemon, Apple, Sugar cane and more. I mean can it get better. On first sniff the coconut and apple are the strongest fragrances, and it is fruity and has a fresh sense to it as well. I know we are all the same in doing a sniff test on products, and you wont be disappointed with this one. 

"Beautifully seals, cuticles, boosts shine and prepares hair for styling." "Keeps tangles away…

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