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Curl Smith | Product Review

I can not even tell you how long i wanted to get my hands on this brand and bring you a review!!! They are another one of those brands which are ALL OVER INSTAGRAM. 

There is always a curly hair blogger who has a tub of this in their hands, and offering you discount if you use their code. I was even more drawn to them, when i sent a message to every ones favourite hair guru hif3licia about some of the sections of my hair which don't behave very well. Curlsmith was a brand that she recommended, and the final bit of convincing i needed to purchase some of their products. 

I opted to order the curl conditioning oil-in-cream which says is for "extra thirsty curly or kinky hair." 

All of our products are naturally curl-friendly and gentle enough for daily use. All blended carefully in small batches under strict supervision by our Master Curlsmith." (Curlsmith promise)
This product also promises to be animal cruelty free, vegan friendly and have zero sulphates, parabens, sili…

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