Boots Curl Cream | Curls on a budget

We all know how expensive having natural hair can be. With products costing us between £10-30 each, it can be easy to neglect proper hair care. I am a complete product junkie, and where i do go off and spend a fortune trying out new products to review, i am always on the hunt for a bargin. 

This curling cream by boots has been around for ages. Because it is a drug store own brand, and not aimed at natural afro hair types, it has been ignored. Not any more. 

I first saw this on instagram at the start of the year, and the great results that it has. However, the girl who had used it had type 2 curls and so again i let it go to the back of my mind. Finally someone with type 3b/c curls mentioned using it and again showed the great results.

I had a message from a girl i know, who asked me if i would review this product for my blog, and as i love requests, i couldn't say no. 

"Make the most of your natural or permed curls with this high definition styling creme. Boots Essentials Curl …

Getting Social

Did you know that i can also be found on other social media platforms besides my website and google+ profile?

Instagram: @Candi_Curls

 Instagram is the platform i am most active on, i have a bit of an addiction. Here i share snippets from my website and youtube videos, products i am using today and styling images and my curl crushes or girls i think you should follow. I also like to connect with people via this. This is the first place where you will find out anything about me, as well as any giveaways or competitions i run.

Through instagram i have made a lot of curl friends, and my knowledge on my hair as well as confidence in sharing it, have grown alot. The curl community on instagram are amazing at bigging each other up and never shy on asking questions. If you are on instagram give me a follow and lets connect! 


Facebook: @Candiicurls

 Like instagram, i am quite active on facebook. As the two are connected, i often share across my instagram posts. Facebook is the place …

Winter haircare

So winter has arrived. It feels like summer didn't last very long and autumn was non existent. 

I wanted to share with you today some of my top tips and advice, to keep those curls in check this winter. It is so easy for our hair to dry out in this cold weather and to frizz. Just like with summer, we have to alter our haircare routines during winter if we want to protect our curls. 

Everyone has different ways and these are just a few of mine. I know for some people, winter is the season for protective styles in the form of braids and wigs, but i will be honest, i do not have a clue when it comes to all of that stuff. 

I like to wear my hair down no matter the season and this is my second winter being proud of my curls, no way I'm going to hide them away. 

So lets go...

Step up your wash days

I have seen some people do posts on instagram about how during winter they drag out their wash days. For my thick hair, this is a no. I find that during the winter months, i use alot more produ…

November TreasureTress | AbbieCurls Takeover

So this months Treasure Tress box is put together by curly hair blogger/youtuber Abbie Curls. If you follow Abbie on instagram you will see she has a huge following, amazing hair and her videos are great. If she likes these products, then i had high hopes for them. 

So what did i get in this months box? 

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula: Coconut oil cleansing conditioning co-wash"Palmers coconut oil co-wash is a no-lather shampoo-alternative that gently cleanses without stripping moisture or colour."
I am a fan of co-washing, i have done it before mid week when my hair has reacted badly to new products or when the weather has dried it out and i think it is an excellent way to maintain moisture. Have i tried an product specifically for co-washing? Yes. 

When i took this bottle out, i thought it looked oddly familiar. I raided my collection, and i have used a palmers co-wash before, but the olive oil co-wash. I liked that and so i was excited to try this one too. 

 The instructions are …

Cantu product haul | Product Review

Anyone who follows me on instagram will know that Cantu are dominating my product shelf at the moment. Ever since i won 2 of the products in an instagram competition by Shannon aka UK Curly Girl. As i have said in a previous product review of this brand, this was one of the first brands that i used at the start of my journey and made a huge impact. However in my branching out and trying other brands, i forgot all about the effects of the Shea Butter range on my hair. Now i am 100% back on this brand and i am never leaving them again! 

In Shannon's competition i won the Leave-in Repair Cream, and the Curl activator. Then in my Treasure Tress box i received another repair cream, curling cream and the shampoo and conditioner. 

Posts on all of these products can be found on my page under product reviews if you haven't yet read them. I loved these so much that i dug out some of the other products that i still had from them as well as purchasing 2 more from the Shea butter for natural…

Curls Blueberry Bliss hair mask and control jelly | Product Review

Curls Blueberry bliss curl control jelly:While on holiday in September with my friend Keisha, i finally got to try the Curls Blueberry Bliss curl control jelly. This brand has been on that ever growing list for ages, and i was excited to try it out. I was not disappointed! 

 "Got frizz? Need curl definition and hold? Formulated with certified organic blueberry extract and hydrogenated Castor oil, this hard working styling jelly is your go to product for long lasting, shiny curls!"On the bottle the product is described as being a "jelly based styler used to defrizz, define, hold and create curls in place with impeccable sheen." 

I was surprised at the texture of this one at first, it really is a jelly! I have never used something like this in my hair and i know my hair has a love-hate relationship with gels, but i needn't have worried. As soon as i applied this gel to my hair the result was almost instant. My curls were shiny, defined and they lasted the whole nig…

Scalp Massage| Do i need to be doing this?

This week i recorded a brand new video for my channel, on doing a scalp massage with oil, and i realised that i talk about this all the time on here and have never actually explained. Sorry guys! 

I was introduced to the idea of scalp massaging through curl gurus on instagram, and have been doing it in my routine for the past few months. 

So what is it?

A scalp massage is the most relaxing thing that you can do at the end of the day. Nothing beats taking your hair down and giving your scalp some TLC, after all, this is where the hair growth starts. Its all good to take care of our hair strands, but if we don't pay attention to the scalp, it isn't going to work. 

What are the benefits?

Headache Relief:Massaging your scalp at the end of the day can help relief from tension headaches, migraines, and relax the neck muscles. 

Increased circulation to the scalp:This is what helps with healthy hair growth. Stimulating the growth from further than just the roots. This also will condition th…